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Tox Target contains multiple mycotoxin binders in a concentrated formula designed for an ‘ultra-high level’ binding capacity. The combination of mineral, organic and inorganic binders give Tox-Target a broad-spectrum action to bind many different mycotoxins and allow them to be expelled in the manure, rather than being absorbed by the horse.

Long term mycotoxin exposure can negatively impact horse health and wellbeing. Tox Target contains nutrients that help to ‘detoxify’ the liver, kidneys and other organs that may have been affected by ingestion of mycotoxins.

Tox- Target contains 5 different mycotoxin binders, both organic and inorganic types, as well as liver detoxifying nutrients to help horses ingesting mycotoxins from grass, weeds, grain, hay and other feeds. Tox-Target also is pelleted with a special fibre source which may help to increase dwell time of binders in the digestive system, allowing a longer period of mycotoxin capture.

Tox-Target has been extensively field tested with horses consuming mycotoxins, particularly from grass and weeds when they are grazing 24/7. Horse owners on the trial reported that Tox-Target was highly effective to help reduce the mycotoxin-related problems that their horses experienced, as well as being easy to feed and palatable. If you are worried about your horse ingesting mycotoxins, especially if they are kept in an area known for mycotoxin problems, Tox-Target is an excellent choice to support their health and wellbeing.

Horses showing symptoms of mycotoxin problems (mycotoxicosis). Horses grazing in areas with climate variations that encourage mould growth, such as hot, humid or wet seasons. Horses exposed to grass species and pastures that are known or linked to mycotoxicosis. All horses needing a specific and ‘ultra-high’ capacity mycotoxin binder to alleviate problems associated with mycotoxins.

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