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Horseware Signature Grooming Headcollar

Horseware Signature Grooming Headcollar

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The Horseware Signature Grooming Headcollar is designed with the end use in mind, providing convenience and comfort for both the horse and the groom. It features a detachable throat lash, allowing for easy brushing of all areas of the face.

The headcollar is equipped with cozy fleece padding on the nose band, head piece, and cheeks, ensuring maximum comfort and preventing rubbing or irritation.

With buckles on both the left and right sides of the halter, as well as under the chin, the headcollar offers flexibility for different sized heads, ensuring a secure and customized fit.


Padded headpiece, noseband and cheekpiecesĀ 

3 adjustable buckles for secure and adjustable fit

Throatlatch clip on both sidesĀ 

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