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đź”–Horseware Flyboots

đź”–Horseware Flyboots

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Horseware® Fly Boot is a slim-fitting, ultra-light breathable fly boot offering your horse exceptional leg protection against UV rays, flies and other annoying insects. Part of the Horseware® Fly Protection Collection, these fly boots are a super addition to your horse’s summer wardrobe to defend your horse’s legs against flies and other biting insects.

The innovative 3D constructed polyester air mesh outer, with a super soft fleece edging, not only increases comfort with wear but also helps to prevent flies from entering underneath the boots. These fly boots are the ideal choice for sensitive horses in warm weather given their cool design philosophy and with four strong adjustable straps, you can tailor the fit perfectly.

These fly boots with excellent air flow offer additional protection for those horses that react to biting insects, giving you peace of mind when your horse is enjoying his field time.

*Sold as a set of 4.

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